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There are at least two artists using the name Hinder: 1) Hinder is a post-grunge band that was formed in Oklahoma City more than four years ago, when guitarist Joe Garvey and drummer Cody Hanson discovered Austin Winkler singing for a cover band at a college dorm party. "I heard him and was blown away," says Cody. "He has the kind of charisma very few people have and that unique voice. You can't really compare him to anybody." read more

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May, 21, 2015Melani wrote:

If only there were more clveer people like you!

May, 14, 2015Kazik wrote:

Super inamroftive writing; keep it up.

Apr, 29, 2012Yass wrote:

Check that off the list of tghnis I was confused about.

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